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Labor Standards

In 2016, accusations of poor working conditions, confinement and human trafficking were lodged against Hawaii longline vessels.


HLA responded by conducting an assessment of the crew and working conditions.  No evidence of human trafficking or forced labor was uncovered.


HLA took action to educate vessel operators and strengthen protections for workers:

  • Formed industry task force

  • Developed and implemented standard universal crew contract (translated)

  • Developed and implemented crew handbook (translated) including crew grievance mechanism and points of contact

  • Established a crew grievance committee

  • Developed employer’s code of conduct based on international and domestic fair labor guidance

  • Implemented standards in the fishery with signed Letter’s of Assurance from vessel owners and captains


US Customs and Boarder Protection Agency has oversight on foreign crew employed in Hawaii Longline fishery
  • Foreign crew have been employed in the Hawaii longline fishery for 30 years and within this time there has never been prosecution brought by CBP or any other authority for human trafficking or forced labor in the Hawaii longline fishery.  

HI longline crewmen regularly fellowship with local community members and recieve free medical evalautions at Piers 16/17 and 36-38.